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Ease In Way

The Foundation of The Majestic Religion
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Tuesday 7-9pm
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Growth Discussions.

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The Ease in Way .


All upcoming series and events will be listed here. 
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The Majestic Church is the next step in your progress after The Ease in Way.

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Our Mission & Vision

Shaping the controllable to anticipate change

You are in charge of your future, and gaining insight into what’s to come can be a major advantage. Through proper rituals with daily practice you will feel better about the person you can become. Being able to take what is thrown at you, and respond positively. Move beyond being a passenger in life.

Latest Message

Don't be the rock in the river.

Become the leaf in the stream.

Creation . Understanding . Acceptance .

The energy of The Universe has alway, and will always continue to move through and with you.
How you respond is who you are.

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2021 Full Moons


Jan 28 – Wolf Moon

Feb 27 – Snow Moon

Mar 28 – Worm Moon

May 26 – Dragon Moon

Jun 24 – Lotus Moon

Jul 23 – Hungry Ghost Moon

Aug 22 – Sturgeon Moon

Sep 20 – Chrysanthemum Moon

Oct 20 – Harvest Moon

Nov 19 – White Moon

Dec 18 – Cold Moon


Spring Solstice 
Group canceled 

To be performed alone

The Vernal Equinox is an important time of year. You should follow the instructions in you Losii to welcome the spring.


Donation Drive

March 28 – April 25
Annual Donation Drive

Our modest goal could be met if each member was able to give as little as $10 each month. This keeps the literature printing, the website running, and the tea flowing. 
Ask your friends to donate, it is deductible.



We Gather Every Tuesday

Greeting 7–7:15pm 

Meditation 7:20–7:45pm 

Tarot 7:50–8:30pm 

Discussion 8:30–9pm 

Parting 9pm

Plan Your Visit

Bring a comfortable pillow for meditation and a deck of tarot cards. If you read on cloth, bring that as well. Personal water bottles are required at the current time.

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Currently all Majestic ceremonies and services are online only.


The alternate vantage is important for discussion. Engage thoughtfully.

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